Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post Traumatic Stress

I am reviving this blog. I believe in us as Craftsters and Knitters. I haven't been knitting for months, my last sweater has been punished in a closet since November. I am ready to move on. I was traumatized by having several ill-fitting projects in a row. First, Sahara; . $150 bucks in frickin' Tilli Tomas frickin' Rock Star and I could not get the finished product over my boobs. They are perfect (my boobs,) but not huge. The yarn and size I knit it in were both unforgiving. Second, was the They Might Be Pirates hat; Knit (in gauge!!! I swear I swatched and everything!) This hat came out so teeny tiny it would not fit HottieEsq's 4 year old son's head. As a pirate would say, I was an"gurred!" Finally, Fitted Knits (no image of the knitting promised land available.) Sure I substitued a different gauge yarn. Sure I changed the pattern to make it more hip (on the fly, forgot to write down what I did.) Sure I ended up knitting MUCH tighter than my guage swatch (I did the fucking swatch! I swear!!!!) I am one of those rare knitters that knit one thing at a time. I was not willing to give up on this last project. I would go to the LYS with it in my bag. I would ask opinions...this can be blocked out right? The fact that it is cutting off my circulation on my arm TODAY doesn't mean we can't "fudge" the size on the arm right? I toted this knitting disaster with me for almost eight months. The yarn was dirty and tired from fingering, wondering, wishing.......I finally admitted it is a frog job. There, I said it. I need to frog it and move on. I am knitting this now;
Thrice bitten, thrice shy....I am cautiously knitting. I measure every row.