Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Knitting Drama

So, at LAWoman's insistence, I am posting. I do not have pictures right now, but hopefully, will be able to post what's on the needles now at a later time.

This whole working and raising kids thing is getting in the way of my knitting and I have to say, it's pissing me off. I've been working on the same sweater from Fitted Knits (the lacy wrap sweater) for forever. In all fairness, I have frogged it twice (first time because it was the wrong yarn, second time because it was too small). I think I'm knitting it better than I did the first two times (praise the Lord!) but I have the attention span of a gnat and am looking to cast on for something new.

A Frienemy of mine is having a baby next month and I'm thinking about making her a blanket. Maybe the Log Cabin Moderne baby blanket from Mason-Dixon knitting? See, because she's a frienemy, though, I'm not so interested in spending beaucoup bucks on yarn for her. You feel me? I mean, I know it's a new life and blahbetyblahbetyblah, but the holidays are right around the corner and I do have people I have to knit for: my sister is having a baby (the way she is acting with complete bitchiness, I am sure it is a girl). I would spend money on good yarn for her. There are other friends, family members, etc. on whom I would drop some significant duckets, but a frienemy? Hell, should I just go buy a blanket? I mean, then I don't get the accolades at having made it, but....so what?

What are your thoughts?


LA Woman said...

Good job sis! Your wrap from Fitted Knits looks so much better this time!! I tried to stop you from frogging it if you remember, but I am glad you did. If you do knit something for your frienemy, just get that Tons of Unnatural fiber shit from JoAnn's. Use a 50% off coupon. You can smugly smile knowing it cost you $1.23 to knit, what is unlikely to be flame retardant, beautiful blanket. It is the silent "fuck you" to her. I enjoy those the most.

HottieEsq said...

I love it.

Mary said...

No way would I hand knit something for a frienemy. no.way. Buy her a book on how to be a good parent then cross out "parent" and write "friend". haha. kidding. mostly. I too feel like I am constantly knitting and never finishing anything. That's what happens when you knit by yourself. For me, anyway.

Melantha said...

Well said.