Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not Arts, Just Crafts

Haven't been knitting much ... but starting up slowly again. Made these mitts for CableGuy's grandma for V-Day. (Fiber - Noro Aya and some undyed plain wool - KnitPicks maybe? Frankenstein pattern made from "Fetching" Knitty Summer 2006 and "Hollywood Herringbone Pullover" KnitScene Fall 2009)

He did a few rows and wove in the stinky ends for me. I did a hat and a scarf over Xmas and, of course, my never ending dishcloths.

But I have been rather crafty lately. I was commissioned to make a ring out of one of those over-sized diamond paper weights as a costume piece for a New Year's costume party someone was attending. WIP pics:

And the finished object:

Now I'm working on a muppet style puppet of an animated character for a friend who makes iPad children's books. Or rather I'm procrastinating by blogging instead of working on the muppet style puppet I've been commissioned to make.

What's new with you?

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